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Our Pastor

Tony and Jessica Ye are no strangers to Gateway.  Since joining the staff in 2003, Tony has served as associate pastor as well as principal of Gateway Christian Academy, and Jessica has been a teacher at GCA.

Both Tony and Jessica grew up in Florida; they hail from the Tampa Bay and Jacksonville areas, respectively. 

Tony was saved at church camp at the age of six and Jessica accepted Christ in her home when she was five.  Jessica always sensed that she would marry a preacher; Tony felt the call of God on his life first at the age of 12, and then surrendered to be a preacher at the age of 15 at the same church camp where he received Christ.

Although they attended churches that fellowshipped with each other, they did not become good friends until they were in college.  God transformed that friendship into a lifelong love and the two were married in 2001. 

God has blessed them with three beautiful girls and two sons - Hannah (16), Heather (12), Bethany (10), Bradley (7), and Jason (5). 

Tony has served as the pastor of Gateway Baptist Church since 2013.


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