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Gateway Christian Academy Information

Gateway Christian Academy is a ministry of Gateway Baptist Church, providing traditional Christian education to the families of GBC and the communities in which we serve.  



For Prospective Families

Gateway Christian Academy currently operates on a very limited basis and is not able to admit new students at this time.  We hope to again provide Christian education in the community in the near future.

For Graduates and Former Students

GCA holds the records for students who attended Parklane Baptist Academy, First Baptist Academy in Cahokia, and Gateway Christian Academy.  Please call Pastor Ye at (904) 710-0295 or contact us via this website for transcript requests.  There is no charge for this service.


Originally named Parklane Baptist Academy, GCA was founded by Parklane Missionary Baptist Church in 1983 through the leadership of Pastor D. Juaken Dumas.  Charles Zinn, a former executive with the May Department Stores Co., became its first principal.  In spite of a tornado that wrecked part of the new school's facilities, the doors opened in September 1983 and have not closed since.


From 1989 to 2007, GCA was known as First Baptist Academy, following the name change of Parklane Missionary Baptist Church to First Baptist Church of Cahokia.  During the 1990s, many struggling students in Cahokia were able to complete their high school education through an innovative accelerated home school program operated by FBA.  In addition, enrollment in the day school was robust.  Beginning in 2003, with the support of Pastor David B. Carpenter, a renewed emphasis in academic achievement was coupled with involvement in the Independent Baptist Student Convention in Lincoln, IL.  In 2006, FBA earned first place in academics at IBSC.


The moniker "First Baptist Academy" was retired in 2008 when the membership of First Baptist Church voted to rename both the church and school to Gateway Baptist Church and, appropriately, Gateway Christian Academy.  In addition, GCA also began using the A Beka Book Christian school curriculum the same year. GCA earned a second academic first place award at IBSC in 2009.  .


Through the graciousness of our GBC members, the doors remained open to serve families who wanted Christian education.  Those doors will continue to stay open to serve our church and community.





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